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    VB.Net Simple Project

    You have two computer and you like to connect them by LAN connection.

    Hardware Requirements:

    1. Cross Cable
    2. LAN Card

    Step – 1:
    You need a cross cable. If you don’t have cross cable, go your nearest computer center/vendor and collect the cross cabling.

    Step – 2:
    Check your LAN Card is installed or not.
    To Check –

    1. Right Click on My Computer
    2. Click Manage
    3. Click Device Manager
    4. Double Click on Network adapters

    If it is ok – Step – 4: (For both Computers but Computer name will different and WORKGROUP name will same)

    1. Right Click on My Computer
    2. Click Properties
    3. Click Computer Name
    4. Click Change

    1. Type Computer name as com1 (and for another computer com2)
    2. Type WORKGROUP name as DON.COM
    3. Click OK
    4. Click OK
    5. Click OK

    [Your Computer will restart]

    Step – 5: (For both computer but IP Address is different)
    After Open Computer –

    1. Right Click on My Network Place
    2. Click Properties
    3. Right Click on Local Area Connection
    4. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

    1. Click Properties
    2. Select 'Use the following IP address
    3. Type for 'IP address: (for another computer
    4. Just Click into 'Subnet mask' box, it will show (same for both computers)

    1. Click OK
    2. Select 'Show icon in notification area when connected'
    3. Click Close

    Step – 6: (For both Computers)

    1. Right Click on My Computer
    2. Click Manage
    3. Double Click on 'Local Users and Groups'
    4. Click Users
    5. Right Click on Guest
    6. Click Properties
    7. Uncheck 'User cannot change password'
    8. Uncheck 'Password never expires'
    9. Uncheck 'Account is disabled'
    10. Click OK
    11. Close 'Computer Management' window

    Step – 7: (For shearing drive for both Computers)

    1. Open My Computer
    2. Right Click on Drive D:
    3. Click Sharing and Security…


    1. Click 'If you understand the risk but still ………………………………..'

    1. Click 'If you understand the security risks but want to share …………………………'

    1. Select 'Just enable sharing'
    2. Click OK

    1. Select 'Share this folder on the network'
    2. Click OK

    You will get a hand under the D: drive

    Network connection process is ok. Now visit from one computer to another computer. And for the visit –

    1. Open My Network Places


    1. Click 'View workgroup computers'
    2. You will see two computer's name
    3. If you use com1, open com2 for visit
    4. Now you will see your shared drive like Local Disk (D:) or Local Disk (E:)
    5. Open your necessary drive
    6. Open your Folder or File

    Then Close all

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